The Drow

The Drow

Since the Drow were introduced to the roleplaying world some 25 years ago, they have become both favourites of many Games Masters and terrible foes to uncounted parties of Player Characters. Sadly, over time they have also become overused and oversimplified. There is no mystery to them any more. Players know exactly what to expect from an encounter with Drow and exactly how to cope with it. Games Masters find themselves saddled with innumerable clichés and presumptions about the Drow, making one raiding party just like any other, one Drow city just like all the others.

Mongoose Publishing has published several books - including a complete level 1-30 campaign - that show Drow in a completely new light.

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Drow War 1: Gathering Storm
Drow War 3: The Darkest Hour
Drow War 2: The Dying of the Light
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Drow Magic
The Tome of Drow Lore
The Quintessential Drow eBook
Sheoloth - City of the Drow eBook

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