Drow War 2: The Dying of the Light ebook

Drow War 2: The Dying of the Light ebook

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The Dying of the Light is second in a grand epic campaign, designed to take characters from 10th level to 20th.

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In the aftermath of the war for Caldraza, a mysterious messenger brings news that the drow threat has by no means been wiped out and a retaliatory strike could come at any time. Meanwhile, powerful friends await the call to arms in the city of Crom Calamar, the unconquered capital of Jehannum, Nation of Warriors. But when Crom Calamar’s battlements fall and her streets are plunged into darkness, the whole of Ashfar is thrown into turmoil and the heroes of Caldraza are thrown centre stage, as the fate of the entire world falls upon their shoulders.

In distant Xoth Sarandi, the Crossroads of the World, Ashfar’s diplomats convene and it is there that the heroes of Caldraza must make their stand against the combined might of kings to unite the free nations against the drow.

The long journey towards a final confrontation with the drow takes the heroes of Caldraza from embattled cities of the free world to distant peaks where only dragons dwell, in their quest to hold counsel with kings and lead armies to death. Whether the heroes or their enemies prevail remains to be seen; nothing is predestined and no answers are certain. Failure is always a possibility, for without the threat of failure, there can be no true reward in victory.

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