Established 2001

About us

Founded in 2001, in Swindon, UK, Mongoose Publishing came swinging into the roleplaying game publishing scene with their first book, The Slayer’s Guide to Hobgoblins. Within six months, the company had become the UK’s largest TTRPG publisher.

After starting with d20 books supporting Dungeons & Dragons, Mongoose quickly acquired licenses for Babylon 5, Conan, Starship Troopers and Judge Dredd.

Our game lines

Experiencing rapid growth in one of the most arduous times in our industry helped Mongoose Publishing grow into what it is today.

Mongoose helped revive the UK roleplaying game scene, bringing old hits back to the forefront of gaming including Paranoia and Traveller, the former of which has recently been revamped by Mongoose with Kickstarter in 2022.

Today, Mongoose publishes Sea of Thieves, Traveller, Paranoia, 2300AD and Shield Maidens.

Award winning games

In 2004 Mongoose Publishing launched it's first miniatures game, Mighty Armies, and this was quickly followed by the Origins award-winning Babylon 5 spaceship combat game, A Call to Arms. Mongoose’s first foray into plastic miniature games came in late 2004 with the innovative Gangs of Mega City One, a skirmish game based on the world of Judge Dredd.

In the spring of 2005 Mongoose Publishing released the Starship Troopers miniatures game. Supported with a range of metal and plastic miniature releases, a year after its launch Starship Troopers had already won the Origins 'Best New Game' award and was supported by over 50 different releases.

In 2007, Runequest achieved an award for the 'best roleplaying game' from the UK Games Expo, and in 2012 A Call to Arms: Star Fleet was honoured with a 'best miniatures game' award.

Mongoose Publishing is a company dedicated to providing the best, most comprehensive in-universe experience to its customers and a fun, engaging, and prosperous life for its employees.

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