Traveller Licensing

Want to publish your own Traveller material? There are three ways to do it!

We believe that Traveller truly is the best science-fiction roleplaying game around, and we want its fans to be able to explore the game in every way they can, exploring different universes under the umbrella of Traveller.

To this end, we have three different ways for you to publish your own Traveller material.

Fair Use Policy

A cornerstone of fan-made material for Traveller, the Fair Use Policy allows you to create material for Traveller (both as a rules system and within the official Charted Space universe or 'OTU') and post it on websites or as downloadable modules so long as it is non-commercial - in other words, so long as you do not charge money for it. It also allows you to create small game aids, spreadsheets to help automate rules, and a few other things. 

The Fair Use Policy covers most editions of Traveller, including out-of-print releases by Game Designers' Workshop, Imperium Games, QuikLink's Traveller20, and Steve Jackson Games' GURPS Traveller.

Mongoose's editions of Traveller will be added to the Fair Use Policy in 2025.

You can download the Fair Use Policy HERE.

TAS Programme

The TAS Programme is done in conjunction with DrivethruRPG, and allows you to create and sell modules, adventures and rules based on the current edition of Traveller published by Mongoose. Through this community programme, you can create commercial (meaning you can charge money for them) items based on both the rules and the Charted Space universe.

You can find more details on the TAS Programme HERE.

Traveller Compatibility Licence

But what if you want to use Traveller to build your own commercial publishing empire, creating your own universes? This is where the Traveller Compatibility Licence comes in.

The Traveller Compatibility Licence grants publishers royalty-free permission to create, print, and publish their own Traveller works, all with the official Traveller Compatible logo. They can work from a (growing) System Reference Document for the rules and derive products from there. The Traveller Compatibility Licence does not include the Charted Space universe, and is intended for generic products or those featuring wholly original universes.

At this time, we are only accepting applications from established publishers (but if you have a thriving lot of products in the TAS Programme, you may well qualify!), so if you think you have what it takes to publish for Traveller and have a track record to back it up, drop us a line at and we will walk you through the process!

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