The Quintessential Drow eBook

The Quintessential Drow eBook

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This volume in the Quintessential series presents the drow in all their hellish glory, revealing for the first time their practices from birth to death and beyond. Contained within these pages you will find the secrets of the drow, enabling Games Masters to create dark elf villains or players to design the drow characters of their darkest dreams.

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The drow are evil. Sundered from their surface brethren for sins against the world, the drow have nurtured their hatred for centuries, developing new and more exotic types of evil. From their horrific ovarisites used in the gestation of their children to the arachnurgical rites used in their brands of despicable magic to the dark secrets of fleshcrafting, the drow have created evil all their own. Lurking below the surface, they brood over the fates of their enemies while formulating new types of magic and developing new martial skills. Ancient, decadent, and thoroughly vile, the drow are the ultimate enemy of any who earn their ire.

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