Drow War 3: The Darkest Hour ebook

Drow War 3: The Darkest Hour ebook

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The Darkest Hour is third in a grand epic campaign, designed to take characters from 21st level to 30th.

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The Darkest Hour begins on the world of Ashfar, where a peace forged in blood has been bitterly broken. Something is causing the barriers between worlds to collapse, smashing plane into plane, opening rifts through which atrocious fiends can step into the ordinary world and cause chaos. Even former enemies recognise the threat. Is it written in the heavens that the Starborn and the drow must always be opposed or can the dark ones truly change? Can the olive branch be accepted or is this just another trick?

There is only one way to find out. The Drow War: Book III - The Darkest Hour sends the epic Player Characters upon quests that would balk even the greatest heroes. These quests lead through worlds of ocean and forest into fortresses where forbidden things creep in the dark, through storms of chaos and under skies of impossible colours, and ultimately to a showdown whose result will determine the fate of all worlds.

The Drow War: Book I - The Gathering Storm saw the players save nations. The Drow War: Book II - The Dying of the Light saw them save the world of Ashfar. Now, in The Drow War: Book III - The Darkest Hour; they must save a million worlds. The fate of the cosmos rests in the hands of the Starborn and those they choose to ally with. Only one thing is certain…

Whichever path the future takes, whichever side is victorious, this is the final battle of the Drow War.

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