The Slayer's Guide to Scorpion Folk ebook

The Slayer's Guide to Scorpion Folk ebook

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Often portrayed as mindless savages the Folk have had a bad press, insular and tribal in nature little is known about their origins, their society and their very nature. This Slayers Guide will open the book on their coming and goings and try and allow players the option of peaceful communication rather than outright war.

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Each Slayer's Guide features a single race, in this case the Scorpion Folk. Within these pages you will find a large amount of information on Scorpion Folk physiology, habitat and society, giving you a deeper level of understanding on how this race exists and interacts with the rest of the world. Scorpion Folk do not fit in to polite society but they make excellent challenges for player characters to face. Inhuman for the most part they are difficult to role play for either GM or players. From this book players will learn how to approach Scorpion Folk tribes safely and how to defend themselves if necessary. Games Masters are presented with guidelines on how to introduce this race into their existing campaigns. They will also benefit from material demonstrating how to actually portray Scorpion Folks to their players, thus giving their campaigns and scenarios even greater depth than before. For the truly ambitious, rules are given for using Scorpion Folks as player characters.

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