The Slayer's Guide to Rules Lawyers ebook

The Slayer's Guide to Rules Lawyers ebook

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A vital entry in the Slayer's Guides line, this tome will teach you how to battle the most vile and dangerous creature of all - the Rules Lawyer...

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Rules-Lawyers are an unexpectedly hardy breed of disgusting humanoid (at least in physique) creature.

To all outward appearances they are a normal human being, like you or me, and it is only by their strange behaviour and by very close (often post-mortem) physical examination that they are revealed to be anything other than Homo Sapiens.

Scholars are in agreement that Rules-Lawyers have been around at least as long as games of any kind have existed.  Some go as far as to say they have existed as long as rules themselves have existed in this universe.  They are said to have lived among us, alongside man and his more primitive and slope headed ancestors since time itself began, waiting for them to lose interest in football and develop the wheel.

There is a school of thought that accredits God Almighty with being the supreme, original, Rules-Lawyer.  What other kind of consciousness would have the necessary mindset and tenacity to come up with every single one of the laws of nature and physics, the way the biosphere interacts with it’s complex ecological niches, the way the various chemicals mix and react with one another, the force of gravity, the laws of thermodynamics and all the other sundry little rules of the universe that we all have to live with day to day.  Rules-Lawyers refer to this particular aspect of the divine as ‘The Source’, that from which all rules are spawned.  The rest of us tend to refer to it as ‘A pain in the arse.’  Especially when we find ourselves dropping buttered toast or searching for missing socks in the back of the washing machine.


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