The Slayer's Guide to Giants ebook

The Slayer's Guide to Giants ebook

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There is more to giants than first meets the eye. After reading the Slayer's Guide to Giants, you may never view these monsters in quite the same way again.

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In legend, few creatures command such a powerful, superstitious awe as giants.  In fantasy campaigns though they are often dismissed by players, seen as a mere step on the way to higher-level encounters with dragons or demons.  A means of garnering plenty of experience points, but not a serious challenge to a well-equipped party with a spellcaster or two and the first clue about tactics.  Such a complacent attitude can be very dangerous, particularly if the giants use their natural advantages to maximum effect.

Giants are often first encountered singly or in small family groups, either menacing a local community or preying on travellers through mountainous country.  At higher levels they may be found in larger tribes, often working with by lesser creatures such as ettins, trolls and even lowly orcs, along with the occasional powerful enemy such as a dragon.  With almost as much versatility as the typical humanoid creature, most giant races are capable of advancing in character classes, and whether simple barbarians to capitalise on their obvious strengths or more dangerous classes such as the much-feared giant sorcerers, adepts, and clerics, these advanced giants can provide a serious boost to the challenge set by any giant encounter.

This present volume comprises knowledge drawn from scholarly studies alongside tactics and survival tips offered by adventurers who have tangled with giants and lived to tell the tale.  Games Masters will learn many intricate details about giant life and culture, enabling them to make truly memorable encounters with this race for their players, while the players themselves may learn a fact or two that might just save the lives of their characters.

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