The Quintessential Kobold eBook

The Quintessential Kobold eBook

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The Quintessential Kobold contains a wealth of information detailing kobold history, traditions, resources and magic. Expand the depth of this tenacious enemy and learn of the four kobold ancestors, who set very different rules for generations to follow. Play as a hardy kobold guardian, sly harrier or even a festering rat brother, the choice is yours. Inside are a wealth of character concepts and prestige classes to choose from including dragon shadow, awakener and master of the pit.

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Whether you are a Games Master who wants to add depth to his monsters or a player wishing to try something a little different, the Quintessential Kobold contains all you will need to expand on one of the most widely used monsters in the d20 universe. 1st level adventurers beware; the kobolds are about to bite back Cowardly, dog faced and weak! You think you know the kobold? Think again! For years low-level adventurers have wondered the deep dark searching for treasure in hidden vaults. Their main adversary has been the kobold, the lurking dweller in the depths. These savage creatures must rely on sheer weight in number to vanquish even the weakest foe and then celebrate by consuming the flesh of their enemies. That is, until now…

Learn to use equipment such as the dragon breather and master new kobold fighting techniques like the Knee-Cutter. Those with a more magical bent can learn how to use the dread power of blood magic but beware; to raise the power of blood comes at a high price. Never before has the kobold been covered in such detail, no longer will he act as slave and underdog. Look out, for the kobolds are about to rise, and they are thirsty for revenge.

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