The Quintessential Druid eBook

The Quintessential Druid eBook

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The mystery and majesty of the druid, a rich and versatile class, are all detailed within this book. There are few places a druid cannot venture and a million new creatures to meet and befriend as he reaps the rewards of his own special relationship with the power of nature. The Quintessential Druid will take such a character all the way from 1st level to the 20th and far beyond.

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The Druid class embraces all the elements that make for an interesting and fun adventurer, combat prowess, powerful spells and a strange but potent wisdom. The druid can be at home as much in the city or town as in the wilderness. From the local woodland glen to the thick, rolling forests rich with mystical and celestial energies in the outer planes, the druid can be found protecting his world from those that would destroy living creatures for personal gain. By memorising the right spells, adapting to any terrain better than any other character, the Druid has at hand the tools he needs to survive no matter where the adventure takes him.

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