The Quintessential Aristocrat eBook

The Quintessential Aristocrat eBook

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The Quintessential Aristocrat is a sourcebook for aristocrat characters, designed to expand the class and make it a playable character class that can stand alongside any of the core classes. These ideas will also be useful for Game Masters who wish to create new and unique liege lords for their players.

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Skillfully moving his way through the intrigues of Imperial society, the Imperial Senator gains power and prestige, eventually receiving a blessing of wealth that he uses to build a new estate. Discovering that magical blood flows through his veins, the Priest-King uses his new powers to either frighten or encourage his subjects to sacrifice gold, animals, and other precious items to him, allowing him to grow even more powerful. Noticing that his tribesmen followers have begun to waver in their resolve against the enemy, the half-orc War Chief uses the strength of his personality to literally intimidate his warriors to stand their ground or fear his wrath. All of these are examples of the aristocrat, the cream of high society.

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