Terror's Lair ebook

Terror's Lair ebook

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An introductory solo adventure for 2300AD, you take the part of an undercover Marshal assigned to arrest an extremely dangerous criminal.

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You, American Marshal Obadiah Thomas, have been assigned to capture Felix Berthold. When the Ann Arbor arrived at Earth’s orbital station, all passengers going on to Tirane transferred to the New Orleans, another passenger liner. You have joined them undercover as a nanoelectronics parts salesman. The New Orleans will be in Earth orbit for only another six hours, finishing the discharge of its stutterwarp drives. You have been tasked with determining which of the passengers is your target and arresting him – without endangering the safety of other passengers before the ship leaves Earth and takes him to sanctuary at Tirane.

Terror's Lair is a solo adventure that does not require a referee.

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