Regency Combat Vehicle Guide ebook

Regency Combat Vehicle Guide ebook

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The Regency Combat Vehicle Guide presents the primary combat vehicles of the Regency's "Thunderbolt," its planetary armed forces and its two main branches: The "Sword" of Regency Marines and the "Shield" of the Army.

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For centuries, the mighty Third Imperium was defended by the most powerful, sophisticated fighting vehicles ever created by humanity. These vehicles of the Imperial Army and Marines provided security and reassurance as humanity expanded to bring life to the stars, and defended them when those stars instead returned death. The Third Imperium did not win all of its wars, but did grow to become the largest interstellar society ever known, though the ingenuity of its explorers and builders and the courage of its soldiers.

And then, tragically, the people of the Imperium turned these most powerful weapons onto each other, destroying all that they had together built over a millennium of progress. When the irresistible force of Imperial attack met the immovable object of Imperial defence, the shock rocked the galaxy and all that this great society had once been, all that it still had promised, all was gone.

Except for one last spark of hope.

The Regency

All was gone of the Imperium except for one isolated outpost, a frontier backwater called "The Marches," barely one-tenth the size of the Imperium. Facing their destruction, these people resolved to carry on the promise of the dead Imperium and preserve its heritage for the future.

Here, in the new Regency, Imperial armed forces did not fight each other, because humanity, finally aware of its fragility, faced the darkness around it with unity, and the might of the formed Imperial armed forces rallied to the banner of the Regency. Once again, the most powerful destructive forces of humanity were pledged to its protection, not its destruction.

Now, for the first time in the history of Traveller, a single book, the Regency Combat Vehicle Guide, presents the primary combat vehicles of the Regency's "Thunderbolt," its planetary armed forces and its two main branches: the "Sword" of Regency Marines and the "Shield" of the Army.

The Sword

The sword, or more properly, the cutlass of the highly trained Marine assault forces is wielded by pure TL-15 forces equipped with such vehicles as the legendary Imperial Marine Grav APC, Imperial Marine Fire Support APC, Imperial Marine Assault Gun, the Norris Battle Tank and the Imperial Marine Meson Artillery Vehicle.

The Shield

The Army's forces provide the major mass of the Regency military power, and are expressed by such vehicles as the TL-15 Imperial APC and its Fire Support, Command, and Fire Direction Centre variants, the TL-15 Heavy Grav Tank, the TL-14 Trepida grav tank family, and a variety of support units, including the Imperial Artillery Vehicles, Point Defence APCs, Nuclear Damper Carriers, Grav Sled and Imperial Recovery Vehicles.

Wield the Thunderbolt

Whether you are a Traveller military fanatic for years or if you are a relative newcomer, this is the book you've been waiting for. Even if you're not a miniatures player, but simply like to let your mind soar trough the future with Traveller's carefully detailed and visualized high-tech military forces, the Regency Combat Vehicle Guide provides extensive hardware detail ready for use in your Traveller campaign and plenty of grist for your unbounded imagination.

32 TL-14 and 15 combat vehicles and variants in all, with 22 illustrations by Kirck Wescom, Traveller's premier technology illustrator.

Details of 40 Regency Marine and 19 Army units with their locations and duties.

Each vehicle entry discusses the Imperial and Regency military doctrine that made it what it is and gives insights into the nature and principles of Tl-15 combat operations.

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