OGL Steampunk eBook

OGL Steampunk eBook

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OGL Steampunk is dominated by strange technology and weird science, phenomena like electricity are beginning to be fully understood, steam and mechanics move most of the age’s machinery, and telecommunications are being born in the form of the telegraph. Technology, however, is either stylish and elegant or incredibly basic; brass tubes, wooden handles and incandescent lamps to replace fibre optics, touch screens and LEDs. Steam-powered cars roam the streets while monstrous airships crawl through the skies. All the while, the people lost through the cracks in the ‘modern world’ scratch out a living in the shadows of a concrete nightmare.

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Imagine a world where computers were developed a century before their time, powered by levers and steam engines instead of microprocessors; a world where the zeppelin never went out of fashion and new technology made it safer and faster; where brave men and women explore a yet undiscovered world to find the wondrous ruins of lost civilisations; where the mysterious age of magic is slowly fading to usher in an age of cynical reason.

This is the world of OGL Steampunk, a shadowy amalgam of fantasy and science fiction devoted to marrying the possible with the improbable. OGL Steampunk investigates a fantastical past of magic and myth that incorporates the spirit of progress and exploration and translates it into stories of speculation, wonder and excitement, a world that might have been, had some of the world’s key events happened a little differently.

Against a backdrop of scientific progress, magic is a palpable reality that the heroes of the day must discover and contend with. Cultists seek to awaken the power of ancient races, alchemists use arcane formulae to power their infernal devices and creatures of legend walk alongside the human occupants of major cities, either adopting the science of the day or enslaved by it.

Dare you journey back to the smog-filled streets of a world that never was and yet, so easily, could have been.

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