Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society No.25 ebook

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society No.25 ebook

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The award-winning Classic Traveller magazine from GDW Game Designers' Workshop with both gaming articles and explorations into the Charted Space universe.

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The award-winning Classic Traveller magazine from GDW Game Designers' Workshop. After the 24th issue, the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society became Challenge Magazine, covering a variety of games.

This title compiles all the Traveller material alone from Challenge 25:

From the Management (Editorial), Loren Wiseman
Ref's Notes: On the Use of NPCs (Twilight: 2000), Frank Frey
Traveller News Service (Traveller News Service), Marc Miller
Fleet Escort Lisiani (Feature Article), Marc Miller
Bait: Q-Ships in Traveller (Rules Module), Steven Brinich & James Schwar
The Darrian Way of Life (Ref's Notes), Anders Blixt
Siege (Amber Zone), John M. Ford
Traveller Sector Generator (Computing), Marc Miller
Planetary Invasions in Traveller (Ref's Notes), Steven Brinich & James Schwar
Flares and Signalling Devices (Ship's Locker), Keith Douglass
Breaching Charges (Ship's Locker), John M. Ford
Ringaal DeAstera (Casual Encounter), J. Andrew Keith

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