Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society No.21 ebook

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society No.21 ebook

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The award-winning Classic Traveller magazine from GDW Game Designers' Workshop with both gaming articles and explorations into the Charted Space universe.

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The award-winning Classic Traveller magazine from GDW Game Designers' Workshop. This issue includes:

Striker Weapons Systems Analysis (Playing), Steven P Drevik
Vargr Corsairs (History), J Andrew Keith
Special Supplement 3: Missiles (Special Supplement), Marc Miller
Girug'kagh (Contact), J Andrew Keith
Homesteaders' Stand (Amber Zone), William H Keith Jr
Destiny: Within the 2,000 Worlds (History), William H Keith Jr
Micro-ecology of Quicoral (Bestiary), Mark P Suszko
From the Management (Editorial), Loren Wiseman
Temperature in Traveller Errata (Upgrade), J Andrew Keith
Skyport Authority Errata (Upgrade), John M Ford
Traveller News Service (Traveller News Service), Marc Miller

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