Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society No.2 ebook

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society No.2 ebook

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The award-winning Classic Traveller magazine from GDW Game Designers' Workshop with both gaming articles and explorations into the Charted Space universe.

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The award-winning Classic Traveller magazine from GDW Game Designers' Workshop. This issue includes:

From the Management (Editorial), Loren Wiseman
Laser Pistol (Ship's Locker), Loren Wiseman
Traveller News Service (Traveller News Service), Marc Miller
Airship (Ship's Locker), Marc Miller
Compressor (Ship's Locker), Marc Miller
Oxygen Tanks (Ship's Locker), Marc Miller
Swimming Equipment (Ship's Locker), Marc Miller
Underwater Activities (Ship's Locker), Marc Miller
Vacc Suit (Ship's Locker), Marc Miller
Serpent Class Scout Ships (Deck Plans), Donald Rapp
Robots (Ref's Notes), Marc Miller
The Ship In The Lake (Amber Zone), Loren Wiseman
Victoria - General Data (Feature Article), Marc Miller
Victoria - Surface Map (Feature Article), Marc Miller
Kudebeck's Gazelle (Bestiary), Marc Miller
Garan's Leech (Bestiary), Marc Miller
Traveller Dice (Playing), Marc Miller
Bows & Arrows (Unpublished Rules Module), Marc Miller

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