High Guard: Deployment Shuttle ebook

High Guard: Deployment Shuttle ebook

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High Guard: Deployment Shuttle introduces a new class of ship and explores its construction, specifications and roles undertaken through Charted Space.

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High Guard: Deployment Shuttle is a supplement for High Guard, introducing a new class of ship and exploring its construction, specifications and roles undertaken through Charted Space.

As well as presenting full High Guard rules for the deployment shuttle, the use of Marine Assault Forces, often carried on board, are studied, as well as the use of this vessel in boarding actions and customs inspections. The tactics used in both are covered, showing how the deployment shuttle is utilised within a war zone and during peace time to help police the space lanes. A number of variants of the deployment shuttle are also presented, demonstrating how truly versatile this craft is and where else it may be encountered.

Finally, several missions, encounters and jobs are given, all revolving around the use of a deployment shuttle or one of its variants, either by the Travellers or someone they meet in the course of their adventures. 

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