Encyclopaedia Arcane: Enchantment ebook

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Enchantment ebook

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Enchantment, by its nature, is an elitist art. One cannot be set apart from others by magic, like an enchanter is over those ensnared through charms and compulsions, without becoming a little distant. Good enchanters try to use this magic responsibly. Evil enchanters revel in their ability to enslave others and force their will upon the world.

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You wish to study enchantment with me? Are you certain you understand what it is you ask? The school of enchantment specialises in a very powerful but very personal form of magic, making people, places and things affect the minds of others in ways that can be very intimate indeed. With this magic you can make someone fall in love, pledge devotion to a task, or defend a place with his very life.

Enchantment truly is a fire in the mind. Harness its power or prepare to get burned…

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