Encyclopaedia Arcane: Components and Foci ebook

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Components and Foci ebook

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By daring to challenge the wisdom of the ages and use their own home-brewed recipes rather than keeping slavishly to the old ones, players may gain hitherto inaccessible levels of spell potency. Beware, however, for there is a price; he who presumes to tamper with magic must be very sure of himself, or he will cause an imbalance in the arcane forces be the first to suffer for it. To the courageous mages who are willing to read on, this is a risk well worth taking.

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This volume presents the first serious study of the long-neglected questions of why material components are used in spells, what logic governs their use and whether or not it is possible to change them. Looking at the typical components used in arcane spells and outlining the key principles on which they work. An exhaustive treatment of the standard arcane spells is then provided which will inject new life and creativity into spellcasting.

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