Borderland Profile: Inurin ebook

Borderland Profile: Inurin ebook

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Explore the Inurin system and Voidsedge cluster - just be ware of the Vargr corsairs!

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The new Borderland line of Third Imperium books focusses on a single subsector within the Trojan Reach, allowing referees to rely on adventures and sourcebooks that fully scope the region, meaning he can get on with the business of running his campaign!

The Voidsedge Cluster gains its name from the fact that it is right next to Void 8 subsector of Reft Sector. There is nothing but empty space for many parsecs to Trailing and not much to rimward, either. Its main value to outside powers is that the main Imperial/Aslan trade route runs through the cluster, but this does not affect the local economies as much as might be expected – at least, not directly.

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