Books 1-3: Classic Traveller ebooks

Books 1-3: Classic Traveller ebooks

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The original books of the Classic Traveller box set. The Far Future beckoned us in 1977, and this was the start of a decades-long odyssey as we explored Charted Space and many other universes.

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This is where it all began...

For Classic Traveller, the term Books has a special meaning, presenting additional rules on specific subjects, expanding on Traveller's basic concepts. Books run 48 to 56 pages and may be used independently or together, but all require the basic rules sets.

The first three Books 1-3 formed the basic Traveller core rules. Later books were expansions on specific subjects, including the Navy, the Military, the Scouts, the Merchants, and Robots.

Book 1: Characters and Combat.  The core character rules with character generation using Traveller's unique prior career system, plus personal combat.

Book 2: Starships. The core rules for starship design and operation, interstellar travel, and space combat.

Book 3: Worlds and Adventures. The core rules for creating worlds using Traveller's unique Universal World Profile, plus animal encounters, and adventure creation.

Includes PDFs for both the original 1977 and 1981 releases.

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