The Shield Maidens Kickstarter will launch at 2pm GMT on Friday April 1st!


‘Hear well this prophecy, child of Heimdall, for it speaks of your sisters. As the age of the world grows weary, the gods will wage great wars and the glory of humankind will be as to nothing. In those days will stride forth Shield Maidens who carry great power, and theirs will be the hands that bring forward an end to all that has gone before. Remember this, child of Heimdall — though in the days of unending winter, even dragons may forget.’



A brand new science-fiction roleplaying game, Shield Maidens is written by Alison Cybe to meld a cyberpunk world with Viking mythology. You will become one of the Shield Maidens, fighting the endless battle against Ragnarök and the end of the cosmos, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your sisters, to face the gods themselves. By merging technology and myth into a divinely-fuelled hardlight Guardian Shield, you will be the last hope of humanity. It is up to you and your sisters to decide the fate of the cosmos, and to turn the wheel of time yet again.

Shield Maidens is a 2D6 system, with the D8 Shield Dice used when you call upon the unwieldy power you hold as a daughter of Freya. There is no class system in Shield Maidens, and you are not limited by what skills you choose but rather who you truly are – the power of your Guardian Shield scales against your highest qualities, be they Observation, Understanding, Might, Speed, Resilience or Expression.Shield Maidens blends ancient Norse mythology and cyberpunk technology; plasma rifles with wolfen iconography are a common sight among the Fenrir Drengr; star spanning empires search for Ymir’s blood, a substance used to fuel the engines of ships, Guardian Shields and the artificial sun of Midgard; Dwarves mould and contort their realm from above, their physical bodies no longer of use; and the Jötunn battle endlessly against the forces of The Pure.

The old gods are present but uncaring, and have allowed their children to rampage throughout the cosmos whilst the Allfather slumbers. Freya, patron of the Shield Maidens, waits in Vanaheimr, the war between the gods of at a standstill. It will not be long before the skies alight once more with their wrath, though none now live that remember the cause…

Shield Maidens represents the freedom to choose to be who you are. You are tasked with breaking the chains that bind you, both metaphorically and physically. Freya has entrusted not only the fate of Midgard, but that of Yggdrasil itself to you and your fellow Shield Maidens; you must remove the icy grip of the Fenrir Empire and usher in the spring. You will stand against tyranny, oppression, and empires that stretch into the stars… perhaps even Odin himself…


The Shield Maidens Kickstarter will launch at 2pm GMT on Friday April 1st!



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