The Slayer's Guide to Minotaurs

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Minotaurs are a powerful foe for any party to face. This Slayer's Guide will show you how to also make them truly memorable.

Many adventurers are familiar with the minotaur, at least in general terms. It is quite common to hear stories about dashing, heroic fighters battling a fierce minotaur to the death at the heart of the foul creature’s dark labyrinth. Some of these stories, no doubt, have some truth to them. However, it is the vast amount of untold stories that truly tell the tale of the minotaur.

These tales tell of a more dangerous beast, one, which does not merely sit at the centre of its labyrinth waiting to be slaughtered. They speak of a creature that utilises the darkness and the confusion inherent to its labyrinthine home to torment those foolish enough to venture into this den of evil.

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