The Mutant Explosion

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The first Paranoia expansion deck adds more than four dozen new mutant powers to be inflicted upon your players!


Alpha Complex is undergoing an explosion of mutants! This briefing pack contains all the information on 49 brand-new, never-before-detected and extremely traitorous mutant powers that some of your fellow citizens are concealing. Fear the laser-bending powers of the Refractor! Arrest and interrogate the Vanisher! Point and laugh at the Phosphorescent! Terminate with extreme prejudice the Android for bonus XP points!

If you suspect that you are a mutant then due to a shortage of clones you must arrest and interrogate yourself, and if you find you are a mutant then terminate yourself immediately for a 50 XP point bonus.

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Author James Wallis, Grant Howitt, Paul Dean
ISBN 978-1-908460-68-4
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