Mist Elves

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Mist elves are a fascinating and intriguingly different variation on the ‘traditional’ elves commonplace in fantasy gaming, and this 37-page release is packed full of detailed information providing players with all they need to create vibrant, in-depth characters.

Mist Elves. Every elf believes that his particular people were the original elves, the oldest of the old. Mist elves are no different – except that they may actually be right! Mist elves call themselves ‘the daoine’ and, like grey and wild elves, point to themselves as the true first elves. They are a mystery even to their brethren, combining the arts and traits of most of the sub-races to lend credence to their claims about their origin. This supplement for d20 fantasy games adds an entirely new sub-race to campaigns. Mist elves are a rare and enigmatic race with many inherent differences to their more common kin. Games Masters can use the information provided here to introduce their players to an ancient line of elves they have never before encountered. Alternatively, players may use this supplement to create entirely new characters with a different view on the fantasy world which they inhabit – far more exciting than playing ‘yet another elf’!

Great care has been taken to ensure that mist elves may be introduced into any campaign with the minimum of friction and work for the Games Master. Though this race has existed for millennia, no one is quite sure of their origins, nor what their relationship to other elves may be – despite what the mist elves themselves believe. Thus, this race is suited perfectly to being scattered across an entire continent, with few places of power and most members not fully aware of their heritage. You might imagine a single mist elf alone in a city, believing he is a normal elf with perhaps a hint of drow blood that serves to separate himself from his kin. It may be many years before he meets another daoine and discovers just who he is. Alternatively, the Games Master can use the idea of cairns to create a mist elf outpost in some far off land the players have yet to travel to. There are many adventures (not to say rewards) to be had in discovering an entirely new elven race – think of the glories possessed by such a civilisation that has remained separated and apart from the rest of the world for thousands of years.

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