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The deepest secrets of the Infernum will be opened to you with this tome.

With a roar, the Oblurott cavalry charged. Huge spawn with plates of bone bolted to their hides lumbered down the slope. Oblurott demons with lances and bile rifles clung to their flanks, their eyes grimly fixed on the Sturrach lines. The ranks of the Sturrach lowered their guns; five hundred hellcannons, bile rifles and shatterguns were levelled at the rushing cavalry. Crowded into the narrow valley, there was no chance of missing.

Infernum: Book of the Tormentor is the setting and Games Master’s guide to the Infernum Roleplaying Game. It includes a history, giving the known history of the Infernum – if not the accepted history – as well as details on timekeeping, festivals and day-to-day life in the Pit, while an Infernography is a Circle-by-Circle overview of the whole Pit and the regions beyond. The major forces of the Pit, such as the Nine Houses, the mortal tribes and many others ar detailed, along with adversaries, giving monsters and Non-Player Characters to challenge the Players with.

The secrets of the Infernum will be opened to you with this tome.

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