Vuldrok Star Nation

Vuldrok Star Nation

The Vuldrok Star-Nation is composed of the fierce warrior peoples of Fingisvold, Frost, Hargard, Raven and Wolf’s Lament, and Vuldrok conquerors have founded colonies on Gwynneth, Leminkainen and Antioch.

Their fleet is a unique one, for it relies on a very different approach from most.  Vuldrok ship yards do not have the ready technology to construct shield generators, for example, and so rely on feet thick armour to see their ships through a battle.  This has resulted in some exceptionally tough vessels, with even light frigates able to shrug off heavy fire.

Vuldrok fleets also lack fighters but have a great reliance on boarding actions, being among one of the best boarding fleets in space.  Individual captains will often lead their troops to take over enemy ships and are excpetionally well-skilled at this.  This, combined with their Runecasters, makes the Vuldrok a fleet to take notice of when they appear on your borders.

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