House Decados

House Decados

Though House Decados was the last of the Royal Houses to join the alliance against the Republic (they were the tenth of the Ten), its nobles claim it is actually one of the oldest Houses, long existing incognito. Descent has been claimed from the Russian czars through Princess Anastasia, but only after several generations of interbreeding could most of the Decados legitimately claim to be related to one another. This interbreeding has continued throughout the years, and the nobles of House Decados have been noted as being a little… odd.

Nonetheless, House Decados is one of the most influential, if least trusted, of the Royal Houses, and it remains an insurmountable barrier to anyone with democratic ideals. Its spies and assassins roam the Known Worlds, and Decados leaders have an uncanny ability to discover the darkest secrets of their enemies. The Decados have mastered the arts of body manipulation and alteration, and their Jakovian spies are said to be able to pass as anyone they desire, even changing their appearance while on assignment.

Decados are assumed to be two-faced during negotiations and are rarely trusted. They enjoy duelling, much like the Hawkwoods, but tend to cheat. Poisoned stilettos, fencing foils that project false images of where they are, shield dampers, psychic attacks – if a Decados can get it into the duelling arena, he will use it. This kind of deceit is often employed in war and fleet actions.

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