Mongoose Infantry - Demo Teams

Welcome to the headquarters of the Mongoose Infantry, the official demo teams of Mongoose Publishing's wargaming and roleplaying lines. Founded in the summer of 2004, the aim of the demo teams is to strengthen the position of Mongoose Publishing's wargaming lines through active and professional demonstration in venues anywhere our games are played!

Join Up Now!

Mongoose has an enormous list of roleplaying and wargaming products in the marketplace, and that's why we need you to play a key role on the front line to help promote these excellent titles at the grassroots level.

The Mongoose Infantry is designed differently from other demo teams because it aims to bind Mongoose, our fine distributors, valued retailers, and hard-core demonstrators into one cohesive team - in fact, it acknowledges and encourages crossover and camaraderie between the groups.

Through open communication, a system of checks and balances, and personal integrity, the Mongoose Infantry not only demonstrates games, but also fosters a sense of community and mutualism that we know is the heart of good gaming groups and good business.

Want To Sign Up?
Click on the link below for the Mongoose Infantry Trooper’s Pack. This contains everything you need to know to sign up and demonstrate Mongoose games. Start with the Welcome document, which explains everything else you get in the pack!
Download the Mongoose Infantry Trooper’s Pack

Are you a Retailer Wanting a Visit from the Mongoose Infantry?
Simply drop a line to the Mongoose Infantry Co-Ordinator, listing your contact details and which games you are interested in having played in your store, and we will see which demo teams we have in your area – and get them down to you fast!

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