Female Judge on Lawmaster

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This pack contains a Female Street Judge on a Lawmaster bike, a vehicle with devastating firepower capable of speeds of over 300 mph!

Female Judge on Lawmaster

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Assigned to every street judge, the Lawmaster is a highly versatile bike. Extremely well armed and armoured, the Lawmaster is another mark of a judge’s authority. Mounting a Cyclops laser cannon and a pair of bike cannon, the Lawmaster also carries enough reserve equipment to ensure its judge can stay in the field for days at a time, if necessary.

Though a Lawmaster’s power supply means the Cyclops has to charge before firing, the laser cannon gives the bike a very nasty punch. Rarely employed, due to the damage caused, the Cyclops gives a street judge the ability to tackle even a tank or war droid.

Modified from the heavy street cannon found on pat wagons and other Justice Department vehicles, the bike cannon is mounted as a pair on the Lawmaster bike.  Rapid-firing, the bike cannon will cleave through a speeding roadster or an attacking mob with ease.

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