Want to play regular games with like-minded people? Club Mongoose is for you!

On the second Saturday of each month, we throw open the doors of Mongoose HQ and invite all everyone to come and play games!

It is all absolutely free and we will happily run anything Mongoose-related, from miniatures games and RPGs to card and board games, including A Call to Arms (both Star Fleet and Noble Armada), Judge Dredd, Victory at Sea, Traveller, Legend, and any of our other titles. There are one-off games to jump into and longer running campaigns and leagues. If you are lacking miniatures, we can even provide a complete force for you, already painted and ready to fight!

The Mongoose store is always fully stocked and open at every Club Mongoose, and we may have some preview games and miniatures for you to have a try with long before they hit the stores.

Doors open at 10am and we finish up around 5pm-ish. You can find directions to our office here.


So swing by for a game or two - you will always be welcomed!

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